Artificial Brains and Map Reading

Can we design an artificial intelligent machine to see a map and give out directions? Well, we already have really and this is how GPS units work in your car as they call out which way to turn next. But can we design a 3d artificial intelligent map reading machine? Well, we already have those too you see they are in planes and they can literally take a 747 and fly it from take-off to a zero-zero landing in the haze where the pilots cannot even see the run way.

Well can we design an artificial intelligent machine to see sea topography and guide a sub? Yes, you will be glad to know we already have those as well subnautica below zero map. How about an artificial intelligent map reading and flight system to go to the silent celestial body or guide the space Shuttle service? Indeed, NASA has these already and thanks to their efforts and much of the hand-me-down transfer technologies, that is where all this other great technology originated in too.

Now the trouble comes when you ask a computer to reach into the baseball glove box, find the appropriate map, open it without trimming it, locate your location, then give you directions. And once scientists and artificial intelligent researchers can master that and build a robot artificial intelligent haptic allowed android mobile phone, well which will be spectacular indeed. Look at this in 2006.

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