How To Use A Two Way Radio In The Event Of An Emergency

You may have seen these devices available at local stores, and you might be wondering how to use them or what they can do. The answer is that they are used by many people in their professional lives, but few people know what they can do. Read this blog article to learn more about the two way radio, including how to purchase one and how it can be used when there’s an emergency!

Why do you need a two way radio?


A two way radio is a good tool to have in the event of an emergency. It can be used to contact others, especially if your phone has died during a crisis. In addition, it can be used for long-distance communication when other options are not available. They can also be used in everyday activities, such as listening to traffic updates while you commute or monitoring your business while you’re away from the office. If you are interested in professional two way radio, Contact Inrico to learn more.


Types of two way radios we recommend


Inrico S200 is an emergency walkie-talkie with a one-click SOS button and a mission-critical PPT performance, allowing for voice, video and message communication. The smart two way radio features a smooth line, comfortable hand-held experience, robust audio and a large display. Inrico T310 designed for business possesses a 2.8’ HD display with a resolution reaching 320×240. This professional two way radio is collocated with a Micro USB charger,  the charging of the radio would be easier and more convenient.


How to use a two way radio during an emergency situation


The police force plays an important role in protecting communities and maintaining social order and public safety. In the daily inspection and task fulfillment, secure and efficient communications equipment can ensure rapid and effective unified dispatching personnel, who usually are scattered across an area. A higher level of assistance from private comms networks and the Internet of things (IoT) becomes essential. Professional two way radio produced by Inrico is in line with the requirement of field police and the public safety authority.

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