Why Are Sanitary Vavles Important?


Camlock ball valves, camlock valves, and sanitary clamps are all products that Union Metal produces and distributes. Specifically, Union Metal produces ball valves. The question is why metal is considered sanitary. Fluid-flow components in commercial settings must be sanitary.  Stainless steel is not affected by corrosion or oxidation, however it will get discolored in environments with low oxygen levels, excessive salt, or inadequate ventilation. Pipes, valves, and other metal fixtures designed for hygiene are essential for the flow. Union Metal writes this blog to promote clean living.



Introduction to Valves

Among the most common types of valves are the ball, butterfly, needle, gate, pinch, diaphragm, and globe. These hygienic butterfly valves have a quick-opening disc. When spun on a shaft, it seals the valve body seats perpendicular to the flow of the pipe. Reduced flow is achieved by the use of butterfly valves. Ball valves’ tight shut-off and control are particularly useful in the brewing of beer and other high-pressure applications. Unlike butterfly and globe valves, ball valves have a wide operating range and can withstand greater loads in all directions.


Ball and butterfly valves that are easy to clean are essential for sterile or clean environments. The manufacturing of dairy, food, pharmaceutical, medical, and chemical products all need a sterile environment. Union Metal’s sanitized valves are the cleanest on the market, and these valves feature smooth, polished surfaces that make contact with little to no friction.


 Sanitary valves are useful in every sector. Ball valves, butterfly valves, and other types of sanitary valves might be of assistance when a sterile product is required by your company or industry.

Cracked valves are a breeding ground for germs, making them unacceptable for use in the food and medical industries. Illness and injuries may be avoided by keeping businesses and dining establishments clean. When sanitary valves leak, it creates a hygienic disaster.

Purified valves are highly prized in the food and dairy sectors. Because these businesses are responsible for tracking product movement, checking amounts, and keeping temperatures stable, cleaning should be a breeze. When properly cleaned, sanitary valves retain their original color.

Polished sanitary valves are more durable and less prone to rust and corrosion. Rust and corrosion prevention may be expensive for businesses. Companies in the food, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries may save costs by employing sanitary valves made of polished stainless steel.


 Inefficient or tainted parts may be quite expensive for businesses. Thus, sanitary mechanical fittings such as Union Metal’s ball or butterfly valves are essential to many industries. Union Metal provides backing for the clean-room and mechanical parts of computer-controlled machinery.


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